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Our overstock pages list many wholesalers of overstock and bargain merchandise. Easily locate bulk lots, pallets and singles from top distributors with our free directory.

Buying wholesale overstock merchandise is a great way to source quality, name brand items such as electronics, jewelry, clothing and other liquidations. Knowing what to buy is the easy part, knowing where to buy it is a little more complicated. Search through the wholesale overstock merchants list on our website and be on your way to some of the largest overstock liquidation companies on the internet.

Overstocks are typically items that have been discontinued by the manufacturer - or an importer has bought too many of a particular product and needs to clear space so the prices are reduced; and reduced further with volume purchases. We make buying wholesale overstock easy because we provide a comprehensive list of distributors and dropshippers of overstock merchandise.

Wholesale Overstock

  • Evertek: Wholesale Computers & Electronics - B2B only!
    B2B only! Evertek is one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of excess, discount, clearance & close-out computers & consumer electronics. Get the best deals on computers, peripherals, televisions, camera's & accessories. Daily Specials!


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